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I am a mentor, investor, trainer, coach, strategist, engineer, entrepreneur, businessman, academician, turnaround consultant, advisor, start up and venture enthusiast, occasional interim CEO and a farmer. I believe in Karma and try to follow Dharma. In retrospect, 52 years looks like a long interesting journey. Thankfully, after working in UAE & India for 29 years in various sectors and having travelled across 25 countries, I had an opportunity to study, play, interact, live, meet and work with thousands of people across the globe, with diverse social, cultural, economic, religious, educational, regional and political background. I could learn a lot out of such interactions, incidents or occasions. I must thank each one of them, who I interacted with, for enriching my life with their positive and negative contributions, since both helped me to understand and appreciate the value of life, humanity, time, relationships, health and wealth. I leverage on this education, experience and relationships, to move further in my personal, social, professional life and continue the journey to the future.


I am trying to capture my memories, thoughts, and opinions and communicate with you. Interestingly, since communication is a two way process, it would be my pleasure to listen to you, share your memories, thoughts. If you have any interests in Social Impact Projects, Start Ups, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture and Farming in India, Technology Innovations, Investments, Funding, Turnaround, Sustainability and Growth, I would be happy to understand and support. You can also connect me on LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp. So, keep reading and keep in touch! Thanks for your valuable time and suggestions, I appreciate it.



Warm regards,


Dr. Sandeep Kadwe





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